Ronan’s Birth Story

On the beautiful, sunny, 25th of September, I went in for my 39 week appointment to check on baby Ronan. For the third week straight I showed a blood pressure in the severe range (even having been on medication) and my doctors concluded induction was the way to go, immediately.

I arrived at the hospital around noon and had contacted my family as they had a 6.5 hour drive to make. At the time, I was living on the opposite side of NC where I had started a semester at ECU before finding out I was pregnant. So I was across the state with no family, no friends, and an ex boyfriend in the military who put his time on leave towards anything but the birth of our son.

But this post isn’t to bash, just giving perspective.

After 7 hours of vitals, needle sticks, Say Yes to the Dress, and an insertion of Cytotec, my mom and sister arrived having no idea this waiting game would last 2 more days. Yes, 2 more days.

The next morning I was 3cm dilated and the first round of Pitocin was started. Contractions were very mild and it was pretty much a day full of napping and watching tv as I couldn’t walk around while on the medicine. Around 3pm the first round was finally over and I was able to take a break and EAT (it had been 30 hours since my last meal.) I was also able to walk the halls.

An hour later, the next round started. These contractions were still fairly mild, but this day mostly just consisted of pushing Pitocin.

Today was the day! The morning started with another round of Pitocin and the insertion of a double bubble catheter thanks to my stubborn cervix, which was still at 3cm. This artificially dilated me to 5cm within a couple hours, so my doctor decided to then break my water. Now this is where things finally speed up!

Around 2:30pm contractions were starting to pick up and I was experiencing horrible back labor. Within 30 minutes I was shaking and in excruciating pain so I opted for the epidural which had been my plan from the start. Lucky me, the magical epidural failed for the most part and I swear to you that failure of an epidural is what pushed me from 5cm to 9 in 45 minutes. I’m grateful for that, but my goodness did it bring on the pain!

Around 3:45 I remember feeling intense pressure thinking I needed to push. The room filled with doctors and nurses (I was at a teaching hospital) and I kept my mom and sister by my side.

Pushing was the most painful experience I’ve ever been through. The only effect the epidural had on me was it numbed the contractions towards the top of my uterus, but from the waste down I could feel EVERYTHING. My nurse even said this was the first time she had ever seen a “hot spot” in the birth canal.

I can’t say my baby was technically born all natural due to the induction factor and the pointless epidural, but he most certainly was not born pain free! After 2.5 hours of pushing, Ronan Alexander entered the world at 6:15pm weighing 7lbs 5oz and was 20in long. My mom and my sister (aka my photographer) were by our side the entire time.

I was told by a few of my doctors throughout my pregnancy that hormones are crazy and sometimes it’s hard to connect and that I was high risk for postpartum depression given my situation with my ex. I felt the complete opposite. Even though he pooped on me in his first 5 minutes of life, I just knew he was all mine and the love of my life. I literally stayed up the first 3 days of his life because I just wanted to watch him if that says anything!

My mom cut the cord which was so special to me as my own grandmother was the one that cut mine as a baby. I also lost a ton of blood but thanks to the excruciatingly painful stretching my midwife did as Ronan was making his appearance, I only had to have one stitch!

I had the BEST nurses and a wonderful midwife who took great care of us and set us up for an easier recovery. Ironically enough, my new midwife here at home is good friends with the midwife who delivered Ronan!

Even though it was a long, hard labor and delivery, my baby boy was worth every second and I’ve never felt more blessed than the day he made me a mom.


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