A Day in the Life

Right now I would call myself a “Part-Time” Stay at Home Mom, so most of our days are very similar! I work on the weekends and go to school from 8-1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays so until Ronan gets into daycare, we are really enjoying our time together.

Ronan wakes me up between 7-8 every morning so I bring him in bed with me, cuddle for a few minutes, then we get up. I change his diaper, dress him for the day, and move to the living room where we start our morning.

I turn on some music or the tv for background noise and put Ronan on his play-mat where he stays content just long enough for me to make my morning coffee and oatmeal. I usually come back and eat breakfast while nursing him. Once he’s fed and happy I let him digest in his rock n play for a few minutes while I clean up and throw our laundry in the wash.

While our laundry is going I put him in his sit me up seat on the kitchen counter while I do any leftover dishes, clean the kitchen, and boil his bottles (yes he is more than far enough away!)

We are done around 9:30 which means nap time for Ronan! Since he refuses to sleep without a boob or bottle, and I don’t see the need to add in another big change as we are currently crib training, I still nurse him to sleep. I transfer him to his rock n play and switch the laundry over to dry.

Ronan only naps for about 30 minutes so I try to freshen up, do my makeup if I’m not too exhausted, grab a snack, make another cup of coffee, and catch up on social media.

Once Ronan wakes up we lay on the floor and play together. Lately we’ve been working on sitting up and crawling! Around noon this boy is ready to eat again. Yes, he still eats about every two hours! He goes back down for another 20-30 minutes so I use this time to fold and put away laundry and make some lunch.

He’s up again and I put him back on the floor for tummy time so I can work on my homework or the blog. If he starts to get antsy and I’m not done, I put him in his swing.

By 2:30 RoRo is ready to eat again and I’m ready to get out of the house, especially with this 70+ degree weather! I feed little man and we like to go to our local greenway which is a beautiful place to walk alongside the Little Tennessee River! Ronan loves to listen to the birds and watch the water.

We come back around 4 and little man eats and takes his final nap of the day until my mom comes to visit. She usually stays long enough for me to get a good shower in and finish up any homework I have leftover which is such a blessing! Ronan loves his KeKe time.

After KeKe leaves I put him in his sit me up seat again and make some dinner. I also go ahead and put away the dishes and boiled parts that were drying from the morning.

By 7 we are ready to start winding down! I only give him a bath 2-3 times a week (because eczema), then I’ll change his diaper, lather him in his nighttime aveeno eczema balm, and put him in his sleeper.

Ronan’s bedtime is 8:30 so around 8 I try to read him a book and we “get our crazy out” where he just seems to release all of his built up energy by moving around all fast and crazy! If he makes it to 8:30 I side nurse him in my bed and transfer him over to his crib and that is our night!

If I feel extra motivated I try to get a workout in once he’s out for the first round, unless I have schoolwork that requires my full attention.

And that is our day!! Like I’ve said before, we don’t have many mom friends so we aren’t super social and we don’t have many errands to run! Some may say we are even a little boring, but this is currently our life!

How do I get to do this financially as a single mom? Simple, I served in the military for 4 years so now they pay me a monthly housing allowance as long as I am full time in school. I know that doesn’t give hope to a lot of women looking to stay at home, but hey, I still earned it!


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