How I “De-Stress” My Life

Single parenting + limited sleep + full time student + work + teething baby = STRESS

My “breaks” from parenting come in the form of working weekends and going to school twice a week, if you can truly call those breaks. About 45 minutes on Sunday mornings are the only time I truly get to myself and boy do I utilize it!

Because I’m always with Ronan, I’ve just found ways to de-stress with him around. It can be so overwhelming being a single mom, or a parent in general, sometimes and he is too little to just run and lock myself in another room for 10 minutes. So what helps me make it through?

Working Out
I know this isn’t what everyone wants to hear but sometimes it does help me. I’ve started sporadically doing PiYo because it’s less intense for me and I find myself really focusing on my breathing and my body, which I love. Ronan finds it amusing so he stays entertained.

Just sitting on the floor stretching and clearing my mind helps so much. I also have a foam roller I use after to help relieve all the tension I’ve built up in my back throughout the day. This is fun for Ronan as well since I’m down on the floor with him!

Comfort Food
Now let me make this clear, I do care about my health! However, I am not dieting and I have always been one to somewhat eat my feelings. As I’ve gotten older, I do limit myself so that doesn’t mean that I just eat endless amounts of junk. That means that if I feel like having cookies with my coffee or having pizza one night a week, I’ll do it! I do alter a lot of recipes for “junk” items to make them a little healthier if I can. If you are fully into fitness, that is AWESOME and I totally commend you! I just really hope that nobody takes offense to this one.

Last year my boss gave me one of those cuss word coloring books and let me tell you, it’s a real joy to color in. I don’t particularly have a dirty mind, but I used to actually be a sailor if that says anything. Now that I have Ronan, I no longer use bad words so coloring is a fun way to turn that frustration into a positive experience whether it be from school or work.

Taking a Walk
On sunny days, I like to take Ronan out for walks. He loves being out in nature and it’s nice to get out of our dark apartment. We are on the backside of the building so we never catch any direct sunlight. Fresh air seems to calm us both so we love it. This can also include hikes! Living in the mountains means we are surrounded by beautiful scenery and plenty of places to explore.

My biggest problem is that I spend too much time thinking about everything I should be stressed about on top of what actually stresses me out, if that makes sense. I get too caught up in my life and I forget to stop and breath. I never want my son to feed off of or feel my frustration so to me, it’s important that I find ways to manage my stress now.

I’m sure that will change over time as our schedules change and our relationship changes, but for now we are happy and enjoying life together. I love the person that Ronan has led me to become! I know these are pretty generic tips but they truly do help any parent, not just single parents.


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