Ronan’s 6 Month Update


For his half birthday, Ronan received… his very first tooth! Last night it finally popped through and boy is it coming in with a vengeance. #teamnosleep

This month Ronan accomplished many milestones and I swear he only gets more fun. He learned to army crawl and likes to rock back and forth on all fours before face planting. He can plank when crawling confuses him, and he is finally sitting up on his own!

We tried solids for the first time this week and so far he loves avocado and sweet potato. I let him taste a little of my banana and that thoroughly confused him, but now that we are 6 months we can really work on this whole eating ordeal.

Now for the biggest milestone that brought me to tears. Ronan said “Mama”! He usually repeats it over and over so I never counted it because it sounds like he is just making noise. But he looked right at me, reached for me, and clearly said “Mama.” And now he says it all the time and it still makes me tear up.

RoRo also started daycare this month! He’s been going for almost two weeks now and he goes in smiling and leaves smiling so I’m guessing he loves it! It’s been super hard letting him go and being away from him but I know it will benefit us both in the long run.

Overall, he’s silly, he only cries when he is hungry or very tired, and his smile is so contagious it lights up an entire room. I’m beyond blessed to have such a good baby and I love waking up each day wondering what he will surprise me with next.

Well that about wraps it up for the month! I always say that there is no way next month can top the current one but he proves me wrong every time.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!


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