March Favorites

This month has been a wild one for me and my little man. Our schedules have become much busier but through the hectic days and never ending teething, we’ve made it through another month. We had the opportunity to try out a few new products in the process and if you would like to know which products we have loved this month just keep on reading!

*Everything in purple is linked!

For Me:

Becca First Light Priming Filter
I’ve seen this mentioned on multiple YouTube makeup channels and swayed back and forth about getting it for a long time. I have primarily oily skin and was scared the luminating part of it would not make for a good duo. I was completely wrong. This stuff is amazing and my new favorite primer! I bought a travel size just to try it out but it’s so good I may give in and buy the full size when I completely run out. It holds my makeup all day long and makes my skin feel so smooth while evening out my skin tone.

Mario Badescue Rosewater Facial Spray
Another favorite this month! I had tried the cucumber spray before and loved it so I decided to try this one when I ran out. It’s so refreshing and I am obsessed with the rose scent. It doesn’t linger all day and I love using this in the morning after I’ve washed my face or when I get out of the shower.

Method All-Purpose Surface Cleaner
Method Spray has been my favorite for quite some time but Spring Cleaning started this month! The scent of their products are refreshing and clean and I love this spray because it isn’t overpowering and gets the job done. I personally love a nice clean living space that genuinely smells fresh instead of like chemicals and cleaning products so this is perfect for me. I also own method bathroom cleaner, dish soap, and body wash and I have yet to find a product from this brand I dislike.

Target V-Neck Short-Sleeved T-Shirts
These shirts are at target for FIVE DOLLARS. I am a simple girl and love my v-neck t-shirts and jeans so I was super excited when I saw these at target for this cheap!! They also have $5 tanks and fantastic deals on spring clothing.

Fixer Upper
This has been my show all month long. I’m a little late to the Chip & Jo fam, but better late than never, right? They make me want to spend all of my money on redecorating my apartment and future house! OBSESSED.



Lou Lou Lollipop Raccoon Teether-Mint
Teething has been a huge ordeal for us this month. Ronan finally cut his first tooth and could chew on just about anything, but I love this for when he is in his car seat. It has a clip so I just put it on the strap and he stays occupied anywhere we go. It is soft and adorable and he could chew for days!

Ashtonbee Baby Teether Toys
Another teething product I wanted to mention were these Ashtonbee teether toys. These were sent to me by Ashtonbee and they are amazing! Seriously. My son loves the bottoms of them because they are flexible and have different patterns and when I stick them in the freezer for a few minutes he loves to gnaw on the top! Plus they are absolutely adorable. I do have a discount code you are free to use for Ashtonbee products on Amazon through April 7th. Code: JESSANDRORO

Graco Bumper Jumper
This is, hands down, the BEST purchase I’ve made for Ronan this month. He absolutely loves this jumper! If I let him, he would jump for hours. It’s nice for me too because it keeps him happy and occupied while I clean or do schoolwork in front of him. It has a very strong clip on top that latches to the wall and rests on the frame which I love so there is an extremely small chance it will come off. I never leave him unattended though.

Barnyard Dance
Ronan loves this book so much he will have me read it to him multiple times and still cry when I put it away. He loves to help turn the pages and how me and my mom animate it for him. This author has a bunch of other cute baby books as well!

These are all the products we are loving this month and we hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their Spring so far!


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