Ronan’s 7 Month Update

7 Months of life for my sweet Ronan and these seem to be the only blog posts I am getting to lately! School and work has been kicking my butt a little extra hard this month but better late than never, right?? 

This month has been the craziest growth-wise for my baby boy. He is so smart and so ACTIVE. This month he decided to cut another tooth totaling: 2 teeth, which is fantastic for him, but bad for mama’s boobs! Yes, we are still breastfeeding! 

I tried the Baby Led Weaning route this month and Ronan, being the stubborn boy he is, just does not understand the concept of chewing and wants to shove everything in his mouth and swallow it whole, regardless of cut or size. After a few weeks of trying and choking (no, I didn’t mean gagging), we decided to do purées. I know it’s not the current “fad” but it works for our little family. Now that we’ve tried it I honestly view “Baby Led Weaning” as just another way to speed up the learning to eat process. And we are in NO rush. No regrets. 

This month, Ronan decided crawling wasn’t enough and he is now pulling himself up to stand. On everything. All the time. I officially cannot leave him in a room by himself anymore, but it’s been amazing watching him progress each day! 

Another first for the month, Ronan is starting to develop a little bit of a noticeable attitude! He now understands he can cry his way back to my bed, he gets mad when something he is really interested in gets taken from him or is out of his reach, and he is obsessed with anything that is not his to play with. 

Overall, Ronan is still such a fun, mostly loving baby. He is so smart, independent, and such a goofball! His daycare teachers absolutely love him as does everyone who has had the chance to watch him for me and I couldn’t ask to be blessed with a more prefect child. He’s a handful for sure, but he has brought more love and joy to my life than I ever could have imagined. Onward to month 8! 


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