How I Shop for Baby Clothes

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From the time I found out Ronan was a boy, everyone kept telling me how hard it is to shop for boys and dress them. I’ve found that to be the opposite for me. Sure, there are way more girl clothes available, but I haven’t found an outfit my sweet boy can’t pull off yet and I love shopping for him without being completely overwhelmed! 

Recently one of our favorite places to shop is Lavendersun! They have a huge variety of cute and affordable baby clothing and they also offer free shipping! 

When shopping for baby clothes, there are a few key things I look for. 

First and foremost, the material has to be soft and breathable! Ronan has sensitive skin and eczema so I avoid anything rough or scratchy that may make him itch worse. When he isn’t at daycare he basically lives in loose clothes and rompers. 

Ronan looks best in neutral colors and earthy tones so I tend to move towards these colors when choosing outfits for him. It makes it easier to mix and match his clothes and he is always looking adorable! Design wise, we love anything striped (outfit pictured), woodland themed, and more recently we’ve been liking sea themes (like this adorable romper). I am a Navy veteran so I guess that makes sense! Occasionally, we do add a pop of color or I force my Harry Potter obsession on him and have him wear this little outfit while we have a marathon. 

We are huge fans of affordable clothing! As a single mom, I am normally on a pretty tight budget. Ronan is growing so fast it is sometimes hard to keep him in new clothes when he sizes up, as I am the sole provider of our family, so affordable is big! For me, that means $20 or less.  

Lastly, I look for something easy. Most mornings I am running behind, so it’s nice to have a one or two piece set I can just throw on him real quick and run out the door! He still looks adorable, but I don’t have to look like the lazy mom! 

What do you look for when it comes to dressing your children? 

Stop by to see why I’m so obsessed! It’s worth it! 


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