Ronan’s 8 Month Update

Helloooooo 8 Month Update <3

This month has been a wild ride full of ups and downs. So let’s start with the bad and end on a good note! 

This month Ronan experienced a lot of illness. I shouldn’t complain because we made it 7 wonderful months healthy, but boy did the sickness rain down on us this month. He got his first ear infection while also battling a yeast infection mixed with an eczema flare up, he had a viral cold that broke out his body in a rash, and he had his first ever fever! 

We also made it through another stomach bug and are currently battling a horrible cough and endless amounts of snot. We have determined that mommy and baby should just stay in until the colder months! Unfortunately, I think he has inherited my allergy to Spring. 

We cut more teeth this month! We now have two bottom teeth, a top tooth just barely broke through, and as far as I can tell he has 3 more top teeth about to break the surface! As you can imagine, this month has been filled with buckets of drool and snot! 

Now to the good stuff, little man is still pulling himself up and standing on everything! He’s a little too brave and likes to think in his head he can walk, which usually ends in falling. He won’t stand still long enough to do it on his own because he always has to be moving! 

He is now consistently saying “mama,” “dada,” “oh,” and “kuh-kuh” (my mom is “KeKe”). He mainly just says “mama” when he is upset though (of course)! Unfortunately, “dada” is something he picked up at daycare, but I don’t discourage it, I really think he just likes saying it! 

We are still doing purees once a day at the moment because he refuses anything other than breast milk at daycare. On the weekends I will feed him solids twice a day, sometimes baby food, sometimes what I’m eating if it can be mashed up. 

He also gets these Happy Baby Teething Wafers 1-2 times a day which are fantastic as Ronan is teething and learning to chew. They give him time to actually try before they dissolve and I’ve noticed they help him realize when he has taken too big of a bite. 

Ronan is still such a happy baby unless he is in pain, hungry, or overtired which doesn’t happen too often. Even being sick he has still been so fun and has a smile on his face most of the time. He is funny, nosey, curious, loving, verbal, active, and so much more. 

My baby boy has brought more joy to my life than I ever thought possible and I love watching him and his huge personality grow.


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