Ronan’s 9 Month Update

Happy 9 Months Ronan!

How this boy is already 9 months old blows my mind. I feel like I just gave birth to him not too long ago! This journey only keeps getting more fun though. If you would like to see how this month went for us then keep on reading!

This month Ronan weighed in at 18lbs and 28 inches tall. His hair is finally starting to grow a little quicker and has turned a beautiful strawberry blonde color, and it is starting to curl a little at the ends. He’s got pretty blue eyes just like his mama and he now has 6 teeth(4 top, 2 bottom)!

Crawling/Walking Progress:
Ronan is still pulling up on everything he can find and seems like he may be close to walking. He can walk perfectly if he is pushing something in front of him, but sometimes he tries to just go for it without support and ends up face planting. Hopefully this month he can learn to balance a little better on his own. He is a pro at crawling and is always on the move though.

Baby proofing:
A few weeks ago Ro learned how to open my cabinets and thoroughly enjoys removing every piece of Tupperware I own from them. We’ve also reached a point where his toys no longer appeal to him as much as outlets (yes, they are all covered!), cords, and my garbage cans. I realized this month how hard it is to truly babyproof a house!

This boy gained an appetite this month! Most mornings I feed him breakfast which usually consists of an organic fruity purée and then he goes to daycare. At daycare he gets a 4oz bottle for snack around 9:30 and a 5oz bottle roughly 2 hours later which he usually naps off of. When he wakes up he eats lunch which is a can or pouch of a vegetable purée with oatmeal mixed in. He has a fairly fast metabolism so about an hour later if he is hungry he gets a few puffs or yogurt melts to last him until his final 4oz bottle around 2. I breastfeed on demand after he gets home and he eats dinner with me around 5 which is mainly where I introduce real food to him. His favorite is spaghetti and chicken! He also loves avocados and bananas.

Our sleep schedule has been a bit different this month. I am able to get him to sleep in his crib by 9 but around 1-2am he gets pretty fussy and won’t go back down, so he usually ends up with me.

Likes and Dislikes:
Ronan got to play in the pool for the first time this month and he absolutely loves it! He just loves being outdoors in general. He also learned to dance this month and loves any and all forms of music. He is incredibly vocal at the moment and makes sure his voice is heard. He can also consistently say “mama,” “ma (more),” and “bye,” and is starting to make the “k” sound for KeKe (my mom.)

This month he decided that he is TERRIFIED of my vacuum . Just the sight of it makes him cry! He also does not like toy animals that are bigger than him. For the first time this month he is also warding off people he doesn’t want to hold him by throwing his arm up or swinging it!

This was probably the biggest month of change I’ve seen in Ronan and I love watching his little personality grow! He’s definitely getting more stubborn and getting a little attitude but his happiness and free spirit completely overpower it. I’m so excited to see this next month of changes!


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