Ronan’s 10 Month Update

10 Months.. here we are. It seems like each money is passing by quicker and quicker. Although I am definitely ready for colder weather, I’m not ready for my baby boy to be this close to turning ONE! 

Month 10 has been full of new skills and attitude changes. Ronan started standing on his own and working on his balance, which is huge for him. He is very active so it’s hard to get him to slow down long enough to learn. He has mastered the push walker as well and is doing great walking while holding onto my finger with one hand!

Other skills he has learned includes clapping, twerking (his version of dancing), chewing, pointing, and waving goodbye with a big smile. 

Ronan learned to throw tantrums this month, which has been so fun. He gets highly upset when I nicely take things away that he shouldn’t have, but could care less if it was a toy. He also cries when he just wants the boob and when his grandparents leave. 

We started trying more table food this month. As I’ve mentioned before, Ronan is a smidge behind in his eating skills, but I’m not one to rush him. He tends to swallow everything whole no matter what it is, but this month he has done much better. He still loves his spaghetti but he is also a big fan of butternut squash, anything pumpkin (like his momma), bananas, and avocado. He still mainly likes savory foods over fruits. He also loves water! I feel bad I have to limit his intake so much but I’m so thankful he loves it. 

As for his eating schedule, it has also changed a little. Keep in mind he is in daycare from 8-3 most days! He breastfeeds before daycare, eats 2 pouches of baby food (one with oatmeal mixed in) and has 3 bottles at daycare. Sometimes he doesn’t finish the 3rd bottle. He’s breastfed the rest of the night with the exception of dinner which is usually whatever I make or a pouch. 

Overall, this hasn’t been the busiest month for us, but Ronan is really coming into his personality and working hard to learn new skills. He is so smart, determined, and funny! He keeps me laughing and I couldn’t ask for a better son to spend my life with. 


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