Ronan’s 11 Month Update

I may forget everything else, but I never forget these updates! One more month and I will have a one year old. I never expected time to go by so fast, but every single day has been a new adventure. 

Ronan is such a fun, loving, independent soul who lights up any room he enters. His smile is infectious with those 7 little teeth poking through and his giggle because he thinks everything is funny, especially when you tell him “NO.” 

He hasn’t grown much this month but Ronan is 19lbs and in the 26th percentile all around! He wears 9-12mo clothes and size 4 shoes. That flaming red hair he has sported the last 11 months has turned dirty blonde, most days. Appearance wise, I guess that is it! 

Ronan’s biggest accomplishment this month is that he started WALKING!! He also received his first pump knot on his head. He has mastered kisses and waving goodbye and sometimes even says “bye.” We are also currently working on blowing kisses.

One area I am still struggling with is Ronan’s eating habits. He gets table food sometimes for lunch and always for dinner, but he isn’t learning to chew. He has started shoving as much as he can into his mouth and then spitting it out all at once. It’s quite disgusting. It’s also been a challenge because he loves baby food and just seems to be curious about table food. Some items like bananas and bread he will devour, no problem, but meat and veggies are a different story. 

Favorite foods this month include spaghetti (of course), pumpkin anything, bananas, toast, and watermelon. He still only takes 3 4-5oz bottles a day and breastfeeds on demand after he gets home from daycare and throughout the night. We usually split a banana for breakfast and he gets 2 pouches of baby food between his bottles at daycare, and as mentioned before, real food for dinner. 

Another struggle we’ve been facing (since birth, honestly) is Ronan’s sleeping habits. He still goes to bed at 8pm as always, but lately he’s been waking up between 3:30-4:30am. He takes a nap at daycare but normally won’t take a nap for me between me picking him up from daycare and bedtime. That’s one nap a day. It’s been an exhausting month, let’s leave it at that. 

I’m going to savor this last month of my little love being a baby and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle him turning one. I’ve loved watching him grow so much and I love the little person he is becoming. 


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