Most normal kids fresh out of high carry on their legacy in a 2 or 4 year college to obtain the job of their dreams. If you are like me, you weren’t one of those kids. Tired of school and looking for adventure, I chose the military route and boy,… View Post

Holy Cow this year is flying by already! We have officially reached spring and if your home is anything like mine, winter and spring are still playing tug of war with each other. I know I’m not well established yet, but those who do follow can probably tell I’ve been… View Post

Single parenting + limited sleep + full time student + work + teething baby = STRESS My “breaks” from parenting come in the form of working weekends and going to school twice a week, if you can truly call those breaks. About 45 minutes on Sunday mornings are the only… View Post

This month has flown by so incredibly fast! We made a few changes to our regime this month due to seasonal changes and skin problems but found a few products we like! Products in purple are also links if interested. FOR ME: Love Beauty and Planet Lavender Shampoo I have… View Post

I’ve decided that I want to start incorporating “coffee chats” occasionally into my blog where I sit down and just update on mine and Ronan’s lives and maybe talk about some current events. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to chatting! It took a long time for… View Post