I’m finally getting around to this.. about 3 months late. So here we are.  Myself: Life has changed a little bit for us these past few months, definitely for the better. I was really struggling emotionally for a while with postpartum depression and anxiety, but have found a wonderful doctor… View Post

I may forget everything else, but I never forget these updates! One more month and I will have a one year old. I never expected time to go by so fast, but every single day has been a new adventure.  Ronan is such a fun, loving, independent soul who lights… View Post

10 Months.. here we are. It seems like each money is passing by quicker and quicker. Although I am definitely ready for colder weather, I’m not ready for my baby boy to be this close to turning ONE!  Month 10 has been full of new skills and attitude changes. Ronan… View Post

Happy 9 Months Ronan! How this boy is already 9 months old blows my mind. I feel like I just gave birth to him not too long ago! This journey only keeps getting more fun though. If you would like to see how this month went for us then keep… View Post

7 Months of life for my sweet Ronan and these seem to be the only blog posts I am getting to lately! School and work has been kicking my butt a little extra hard this month but better late than never, right??  This month has been the craziest growth-wise for… View Post