Let’s talk.. postpartum depression.  My Story Most of you have already read my initial story about my relationship with my child’s father. If you haven’t, long story short he left me at 11 weeks pregnant with no explanation whatsoever and never looked back. I was heartbroken, yet numb, and I… View Post

I’m finally getting around to this.. about 3 months late. So here we are.  Myself: Life has changed a little bit for us these past few months, definitely for the better. I was really struggling emotionally for a while with postpartum depression and anxiety, but have found a wonderful doctor… View Post

As you can probably tell, or read in my previous posts, I am a single parent with zero support from my child’s father or his family. To this day he is not involved in our son’s life and I mainly just hear from him when he has a court related… View Post

Recently me and Ronan decided to take a 12 hour road trip to Ohio with my mom! The last time I traveled longer than 45 minutes with Ro was when he was 6 weeks old (which is also documented HERE) and considering his hatred for the car seat, I was… View Post

Helloooooo 8 Month Update <3 This month has been a wild ride full of ups and downs. So let’s start with the bad and end on a good note!  This month Ronan experienced a lot of illness. I shouldn’t complain because we made it 7 wonderful months healthy, but boy… View Post