Having a baby is a life-changing and beautiful blessing. It is so amazing what our bodies can do and what we go through to give these tiny humans life. Though it is an incredible gift, it isn’t all flowers and rainbows like a lot of women paint it out to… View Post

As mentioned in my “Breastfeeding Struggles” post, it did not come easy to me and my son from the start. We STRUGGLED and I was going to quit trying to make it work the very same day it finally started to click for us! Time and details seem to jumble… View Post

This month has been a wild one for me and my little man. Our schedules have become much busier but through the hectic days and never ending teething, we’ve made it through another month. We had the opportunity to try out a few new products in the process and if… View Post

Single parenting + limited sleep + full time student + work + teething baby = STRESS My “breaks” from parenting come in the form of working weekends and going to school twice a week, if you can truly call those breaks. About 45 minutes on Sunday mornings are the only… View Post

Right now I would call myself a “Part-Time” Stay at Home Mom, so most of our days are very similar! I work on the weekends and go to school from 8-1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays so until Ronan gets into daycare, we are really enjoying our time together. Ronan wakes… View Post