Any working stay-at-home mom or mom in school knows how difficult it can be to work or study while at home with your kids. Luckily my son is only 4 months old so he is easily entertained, but he is a total momma’s boy (not that he has a choice!)… View Post

Half of my pregnancy was spent glued to my YouTube watching many Labor & Delivery, Birth Story videos, and researching childbirth. I was never scared of delivery and I even searched for the complicated stories so that I fully knew what I was getting myself into and to be prepared… View Post

Since the beginning of my breastfeeding journey, I have struggled with milk production and keeping up with my son. Even now, four months later, I still produce just enough. Luckily though, I get to stay home with Ronan 3 days a week. The weekends are the hardest for us as… View Post

Beautiful mountain view’s, endless outdoor attractions, and having a rich history make Western North Carolina one of the best places to visit or live. No matter how many times I try to move away, I always end up here more appreciative of my home than when I left. I live… View Post

Aside from the obvious must haves such as diapers, wipes, car seat, etc., I have compiled a list of my favorite items that helped get me through those first two months. Click on the product name to be redirected to amazon if you would like to check out each item!… View Post